2013 Porsche Macan – Macan?

Porsche AG announced Feb. 16 that the name for its upcoming compact crossover will be Macan. The name is derived from the Indonesian word for tiger, which the company says bestows an image of “suppleness, power, fascination and dynamics – core characteristics of the new off-road car,” Bernhard Maier, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of Porsche AG, said in a release.

“The name of a new Porsche has to fit with the brand, sound good in very many languages and dialects and evoke positive associations,” he said. Until now the new model had been referred to as Cajun, which is pronounced KAI-yune, for Cayenne Junior.

 The Macan will be the fifth Porsche model, due for production in 2013 at the Leipzig, Germany, plant.

 Word names at Porsche have a concrete connection with the corresponding model and its characteristics, the company says. The name Boxster describes the combination of boxer engine (horizontally opposed pistons) and roadster, Cayenne stands for sharpness, the Cayman is snappy and agile and a Panamera is more than a Gran T

The Porsche Macan's name comes from the Indonesian word for tiger.

urismo, capable also of winning the Carrera Panamericana long-distance race.

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