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Mothers Back-to-Black Tire Renew

Your car isn’t clean until the tires are dressed – and sometimes that means undressing them. Brake dust, grime and residue of previous tire dressings can leave the rubber looking brown and gummy. Mothers Back-to-Black Tire Renew ($7 for a 24-ounce pump-spray bottle) is designed to clean, dissolve and lift that build up of gunk and leave a natural, smooth rubber sidewall. Work on one tire at a time, be careful of overspray on other...

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Hail ICON! Bosch storm blades are a wiper revolution

Windshield wipers have been a final frontier in automotive advancement until the fairly recent innovation of the flat-blade, beam-type blades. The age-old, steel-frame architecture with a thin strip of rubber grows wobbly and ratchety in short time, giving a streaky sweep. Bosch has raised the level of clarity in inclement weather with its ICON wiper blades that have tensioned, internal steel springs and no external joints or brackets. That’s not entirely unique in these flat...

Get a grip on paint scratch repair: ScratchPro

I’m a great believer in the Rule of 5. A car-enthusiast friend says he won’t attempt a big repair job – car or home – unless he’ll be doing at least five similar repairs. Because, he says, the first job he’ll screw up, the second will be better and by the fifth, he will have become a passable expert. That’s how I feel about trying to make repairs to paint – and most other automotive...

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