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Tesla Model 3: Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

Tesla is complicated, but its cars are not. A recent week in a new Model 3, the compact electric sedan, is a rethinking of car ownership. It’s as much lifestyle choice as transportation. There is much awareness of this new car and brand — and some attitude. A driver in an Audi A4 tried a stoplight drag race and a few other drivers were not hospitable in yielding the right of way, which was quite...

2019 Jaguar iPace EV: Zeroing in on the future

  Skimming along your favorite back road you just might begin to feel the hefty curb weight of the Jaguar iPace — but only if it’s country-lane blacktop. This all-wheel-drive and larger-than-most EVs, is a performance Jaguar that feels tight as a slab of aluminum with sports-car steering and one-pedal function for acceleration and regenerative braking, which happens to be quite useful for some stabilizing trail-braking when powering into a turn. Weighing 4,784 pounds, the...

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Mark Maynard has been the automotive editor at the San Diego Union-Tribune since 1992.

He drives nearly 200 vehicles a year for review, has attended several high-performance driving schools and a few off-road driving courses.

He attends many new-vehicle press introductions and schmoozes with auto-industry execs.

Mark Maynard