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Drive A Tank for a new Thanksgiving tradition

I grew up in the rural Midwest where it was a common tradition to hunt rabbits and other game on Thanksgiving morning. I was never much of a hunter or even a good shot to bring home dinner. But I might have better luck driving a Sherman tank and hunting other armored vehicles at Drive A Tank, in rural Kasota, Minn. This map dot is about halfway between the cities of Mankato and St. Peter...

Hot Wheels immortalized by USPS stamp set

This year’s 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels is making yet another victory lap in its yearlong celebration. Toymaker Mattel’s tribute to its free-wheeling toy cars began April 28 with a 14-city tour to seek out crazy cars for a new series. And now the U.S. Postal Service is honoring the diecast cars with a block of 20 Forever stamps showcasing some of the most outrageous designs from Hot Wheels history. To be sure the stamps...

About Mark Maynard

Mark Maynard has been the automotive editor at the San Diego Union-Tribune since 1992.

He drives nearly 200 vehicles a year for review, has attended several high-performance driving schools and a few off-road driving courses.

He attends many new-vehicle press introductions and schmoozes with auto-industry execs.

Mark Maynard