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2018 Nissan Leaf: Simple green without the gimmicks

Critics of electric cars point to the obvious downsides of range, range anxiety and price. But few realize the upsides until they own an EV and the first of those validation points might be not having to go to a gas station except for a fountain drink, lottery ticket or the air pump. Then there are the obvious incentives of reduced vehicle maintenance and an ever-topped-off tank after an overnight charge. And somewhere on the...

Tesla Model 3: Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

Tesla is complicated, but its cars are not. A recent week in a new Model 3, the compact electric sedan, is a rethinking of car ownership. It’s as much lifestyle choice as transportation. There is much awareness of this new car and brand — and some attitude. A driver in an Audi A4 tried a stoplight drag race and a few other drivers were not hospitable in yielding the right of way, which was quite...

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