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Vintage snapshots of early motorists show original pride of ownership

In the early days of automobile ownership, the car was welcomed into the family with the fanfare of a new birth. There was original pride of ownership as photos were snapped of new owners with their new (or used) automobile. The car took on the nickname of “Flivver” in the early 20th century America.

When perusing an antiques store, garage sale or flea market, I seek out these old photos. Often, there is no explanation or name associated with the photo and sometimes there is a scant message penciled on the back of the picture.

The images in this category are a telling slice of Americana and they also include early motorcycles, buses, trains and airplanes.

If readers have such stories to share, email me a digital image with a few short explanatory paragraphs and I will upload to “Family Flivvers” at

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Joe Michaud
San Diego, CA

Joe Michaud has covered motorcycles for the San Diego Union-Tribune and print magazines for nearly 10 years.

Through the decade, he road tested new releases and attended all things bike-related in the SoCal region.

Presently, his garage includes a 1966 Triumph Bonneville, a ’68 Triumph TR6R, and a 2004 BMW 1150RT. Over the years, he has owned, borrowed, ridden, and wrenched (often successfully) on an eclectic collection of technology. Currently, he is depleting his savings on 1960s Brit bikes.

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