California DMV legacy plates


Order now for delivery …. In 2015
Available for vehicles of all years

The California DMV is now taking pre-orders for replicas of California license plate designs issued in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
The Legacy License Plate program, which became available at the start of 2013, is available for any model year car or truck, commercial vehicle, motorcycle or trailer. The plates are $50 a set, sequential or personalized, and $40 for the renewal.
But there’s a catch in getting the plates. Plate pre-orders are being accepted now … for delivery in 2015 or later.
A total of 7,500 pre-order applications have to be received before the manufacturing process can begin, said California spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez. “Once we receive 7,500 pre-orders it could still take up to one year to get the plates in the hands of customers,” she said.

If the 7,500 pre-orders are not secured, the pre-order money will be returned to customers, she said.

As of April, the DMV had received 2,626 pre-paid applications for the 1960’s plate, 850 for the 1950’s and 590 for the 1970’s plate.

The actual plates will have as many characteristics of the originals as possible, Gonzalez said, but they will not be exact replicas due to changes in manufacturing processes and for the legal requirement that the plates be reflectorized.

The webpage for the Legacy License Plate program will update the pre-order tally on a monthly basis.

Order plates online at The completed form and payment must be mailed to Sacramento (address is on the form). Payment can only be made by check, money order or cashier’s check. Pre-orders cannot be processed at DMV Field offices or Auto Club offices.
The Legacy plates are separate from plates for Horseless Carriages ($25), which the DMV defines as motor vehicles with an engine of 16 or more cylinders manufactured prior to 1965, or any motor vehicle manufactured in 1922 or before. There also are plates for Historical Vehicles ($25), which are for vehicles built after 1922, are at least 25 years old and of historical interest. These vehicles will be limited to use in historical exhibitions, parades and historic vehicle club activities. Details:

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