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Vin Car Pic: Walter P. Chrysler

On this day in automotive history, the founder of the Chrysler Corp., Walter Percy Chrysler, died in 1940 after succumbing to a cerebral hemorrhage. According to , Chrysler was born in Kansas in 1875 and began his career as a machinist and mechanic in the railroad industry. His railroad career peaked as works manager of the Allegheny locomotive erecting shops of the American Locomotive Co., also known as Alco. His introduction to the automotive...

Vin Car Pics: 1949 Mercury Eight convertible

The third-generation 1949 Mercury was the first new design following World War II, according to Wikipedia. Its “ponton” or pontoon styling help differentiate it from its Ford cousin. The ’49 also became the definitive “lead sled” for customizers, including the Barris brothers, Sam and George.

Vin Car Pic: 1949 Buick Roadmaster Riviera Convertible

The Buick Roadmaster received its first major postwar restyling in 1949, according to Wikipedia. Its wheelbase and overall length were reduced but its weight was actually marginally increased. The biggest change was a much larger two-piece, curved glass windshield that the sales brochure described as like an “observation car.” It was also in 1949 that Buick introduced “VentiPorts.” Four were displayed on each of the Roadmaster’s front fenders, with three on the fenders of the...

Vin Car Pic: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad

Chevrolet calls out the 1957 Nomad two-door wagon in a release that highlights 24 vehicles that helped define the brand in the U.S. market. The strikingly sleek Chevy Nomad of 1955-1957 brought midcentury modern design to the utilitarian station wagon, according to the release. “The Nomad got its name, along with its unique roofline and rear body treatment, from a 1954 GM Motorama Corvette concept wagon conjured up by GM design chief Harley Earl –...

Vin Car Pic of the day: 1959 Ford

A Ford design study for the 1959 Country Squire wagon, which featured push button “activity” equipment. (Ford media archives)

Vin Car Pic of the day: 1941 Chrysler

1941 Chrysler Town and Country barrelback woodie wagon with a Douglas DC-3 airplane.

Vin Car Pic of the day

The 1953 Ford Rotunda vehicle display. (Ford archive)

Vin Car Pic of the day

1928 Model A’s on Ford’s Rouge plant assembly line in Dearborn, Mich.

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