Vin Car Pic: 1933 Dodge Westchester

The Westchester woodie wagons were all custom built. (FCA US PR archives)

Not much is known about the Dodge Westchester suburban woodies, according to an online report at SignificantCars. Research can confirm that Dodge and Plymouth offered similar models. None of the Plymouth woodies are known to have survived the ages and perhaps only one 1934 Dodge Westchester Suburban long wheelbase woodie has survived.

Beginning in 1933 Dodge struck a relationship with U.S. Body and Forging Company in Tell City, Ind. Dodge would send commercial chassis to USBF where a custom-made wooden body would be assembled to the commercial 109-inch chassis.

Each was a custom order. Many were attractively finished and used as station wagons by the civilian population, but the versatile vehicle was found to be useful to the U.S. Army. True production numbers are unknown as records were not kept on custom built non-Dodge factory offerings. However, it is widely believed that the production figures are very low perhaps less than 40 units.

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