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A B&W image from Stellantis PR archives of the production line for “Historical Mopar 1964 Package Car Production.”

“Historical Mopar 1964 Package Car Production,” from the Stellantis PR archives.


This photo from the Stellantis PR vehicle archives shows “Historical Mopar 1964 Package Car Production.” The car being assembled is not identified in the caption, but it appears to be a 1964 Dodge 330 HEMI Lightweight. Built for speed, it was a privateer’s super stock drag car.

Note the skinny front tires with magnesium wheels (not steelies with dog-dish nut covers). Also unique are the hood pins and the grille with single headlights because we don’t need no turn signals on a race track.

A car similar to this factory image sold at Bonham’s 2021 Amelia Island Auction. According to the auction report, the 1964 Dodge 330 Hemi Lightweight on offer was “One of 55 A864 lightweight cars for the model year.” And it was built with aluminum and magnesium parts from the factory.

How Much?

There is a fine example for sale now through Hemmings. Asking price: $159,000.

According to a report in, the Dodge 330 Lightweight was identified by the Hemi engine code A864. The engine denoted the cross-ram-equipped race Hemi drag engine.

“For 1964, the Hemi package had an aluminum intake, offset dual Holley carburetors, 12.5:1 compression, and chrome valve covers,” according to the ConceptCarz report.

“The exhaust system used factory cutouts, one transverse-mounted muffler, and a single exhaust exit.

“The Hemi models used light aluminum components wherever possible, including the fenders, hood, scoop, front bumper, and doors.

“The battery was moved to the trunk and the rear seat was deleted. The engines were backed by the A727 TorqueFlite transmission operated by pushbuttons in the dash.

“Interiors included factory lightweight A100 bucket seats with lightweight brackets, red carpeting, and radio- and heater-delete plates.

“The side windows were made from thin plastic and the rear window was from lightweight Plexiglas. Magnesium wheels were at the front.”

Bonham’s Auction Report

In Bonham’s auction report, the red 1964 Dodge 330 HEMI Lightweight on offer was “Stored & unused from 1966 – 2006.” And its authenticity was documented by Mopar expert Galen Govier. The car was sold new at Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge . “Mr. Norm” was the legendary purveyor of high-performance Mopar muscle, beginning in 1962 at his Chicago dealership.

The car in the Bonham’s auction did not sell at the time, and it likely would have taken $150,000 or more.

Bonham’s car had these specs for chassis no. 6142229092:

  • 426ci Hemi V8 Engine
  • Dual Offset Holley Carburetors
  • 425bhp
  • 3-Speed 727 Torqueflite Racing Automatic Transmission
  • Independent Front with Live Rear Axle
  • 4-Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes